Meet the impactiive® Team: DMARKETING

Founded in 2017, DMARKETING provides strategic guidance and support to corporate executives on development and implementation of marketing and customer strategy plans and initiatives, in accordance with local market share objectives and the Company's brand strategy.

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Meet the impactiive® Team: Idlir Bekteshi

For more than 2 years, Idlir was the Deputy Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and, at the same time, acting CFO at FED invest, a Savings and Credit Association based in Tirana, Albania.  In such capacity, besides performing typical tasks for the position, like supervising the preparation of financial statements and control over the financial reporting, Idlir also developed a new reporting package for ALCO, in line with recent industry standards, thus contributing to better

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Meet the impactiive® Team: Abduhamid Sharopov

For the past year, Mr. Sharopov has been leading strategic transformation projects for Microcredit Organization Furuz in Tajikistan, as well as providing governance oversight as a Board member.  Mr. Sharopov is successfully leveraging his experiences in transformation of credit-only institutions into deposit-taking entities, along with introduction of other banking services provided by the institution.

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