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Meet the impactiive® Team: DMARKETING

Strategic Partner,

Founded in 2017, DMARKETING provides strategic guidance and support to corporate executives on development and implementation of marketing and customer strategy plans and initiatives, in accordance with local market share objectives and the Company's brand strategy.

Daver Krasnic is the Founder and CEO of DMARKETING. Mr. Krasnic has 20 years of experience in marketing and business management in Eurasia, Middle East, North America, and Africa. His professional career has covered numerous disciplines in marketing, media, and communication activities. Before founding DMARKETING, Mr. Krasnic provided advisory services in the field of marketing for a variety of firms, such as Monigle Associates (U.S.A), Promise (UK), Ogilvy (Georgia & Azerbaijan), Publics (Armenia), and Pro Tanitim (Turkey).

DMARKETING delivers leadership and strategic guidance for marketing and customer strategy plans, initiatives, and advertising campaigns for local, regional, and global brands such as Burger King, Blue Kids, XL, Dr Gerard, Mobil1, Addinol, Mann, Dimes, Lacin, Bianco Vita, Torres, Perfetto, Kamila, Teleset, Lambario, amongst others.

DMARKETING strategically assembles a team of professionals who can create, design, and manage their customers’ marketing department as a whole or for specifically designated activities outlined by the client. Its services include: Marketing Consultancy, Marketing Strategy Plan, Marketing Analysis and Surveys, Customer Journey Mapping, Brand Development, Graphic Design, Web Design and Development, Social Media Management, Digital Marketing, Advertising Campaigns, Media Buying, PR and more.

Client Testimonials:

Ediz Cabrati, CEO of BURAK automotive; “We were very happy when we met a professional company like DMARKETING, who was able to introduce market research and, based on findings, tailored customer-oriented marketing plan. After several years of experience with DMARKETING, we are able to meet the needs of our client segment with campaigns that have great effects in increasing our sales.

Afrim Tarashaj, CEO of AFRI TRADE; “In our business we distribute products of international brands that operate in more than 100 countries worldwide. For those brands, visual communication messages need to meet internationally required standards. For us it was very important to find a local marketing agency who can meet international standards of communication and manage global marketing campaigns in the local market. With DMARKETING, we manage to have marketing plans and implementation of activities in our market delivered with international standards.

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Thank you for taking the time to meet a Strategic Partner of impactiive®DMARKETING, who stands ready to deliver management consulting and strategic marketing services for our client engagements.

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