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Integrity before

In managing our customer relationships, we'll be fair, and deliver value in a professional, honest manner (e.g. to tell the truth, even if the truth is difficult). These moral principles shall serve as a cornerstone that will not be sacrificed in pursuit of profit; and we will encourage the same for our own client's staff and the customers they serve.

3PS Approach

People | Profit | Planet

We believe business results can only be sustainable if profit considerations are firmly grounded on respect for people and the environment. We cherish the diversity of cultures and we believe that by empowering people and treating them fairly and openly, organizations become better places to work.

of change

We will never let a "good crisis" go by; in fact, we will make the most of it because we are not afraid of change. We consider crises as an opportunity to improve, not just survive; and fully embrace a defining moment when formidable events converge, with fortitude and strength.

Elevate the world
positive leadership

We believe it is possible to experience, model, and purposefully enhance positive emotions through high self-awareness, optimism, and a high moral compass. By doing so, we become a positive force that influences others and elevates the world to a better place.

Mistakes are

When large-scale change occurs, mistakes often follow, which become great lessons that build resilience for individuals and organizations when facing future challenges. Thus, we believe empowering people is essential to success and will ask our customers to avoid punishment when honest mistakes are made by well-intentioned staff.


Five core values guide impactiive® along every client touchpoint. These values enable impactiive® to position our client institutions to achieve exceptional results, such as: strong financial performance, competitive product lines, clarity on underlying cost structures, appropriately managed risks, a thriving corporate culture, strengthened brand recognition, and a strong foundation for future growth.

Value Statement

We seek out clients who are ready to take massive action to succeed. Business transformation, restructuring and operational turnarounds require tremendous effort across the enterprise, which is why impactiive® requests our client institutions be willing and able to embrace the value creation journey.

Thereafter, impactiive® will mobilize high-performance, C-suite, advisory teams to rapidly identify, assess, and deploy measurable solutions, based on the financial institutions unique profile, and set of circumstances.

The impactiive® management team comprises more than 200 years of executive emerging market financial institutions experience, working in both friendly and hostile environments around the world. 

As C-suite directors, we have scaled high growth markets under normal risks, and led businesses through major downturns such as economic recession, significant local currency devaluations, high levels of banking sector non-performing loans, and regional financial sector crises that forced numerous financial institutions to embark on major enterprise restructures or exit due to insolvency.

We understand that pivotal moments can fundamentally change the business, and not only have we achieved success when others failed, but we have methodized our lessons for good governance and transformation.

And because we believe financial inclusion in developing countries is having a profound impact on people's lives, from both a financial and humanistic perspective, helping financial institutions transform so that their businesses are optimized, profitable and positioned for rapid growth became a defining purpose for impactiive®.

It is thus our mission to give back through lessons learned so that financial institutions can rapidly find the solutions they need. 

We do this by offering customized solutions with an impact on both shareholder and management agendas.

We at impactiive® invite you to profit from our experience and capitalize on our expertise.

Although impactiive® can extensively support all types of transformation activities – new product development, tech enablement, cost to serve, cost take out, operational improvement, value creation, etc. – our core specialty is to turnaround crisis situations and provide strategic guidance for financial institutions in hardship.

Our team of seasoned executives bring together deep industry knowledge and stand ready to embrace the challenges at hand.

We not only connect the dots and offer valuable advice, coaching, and support; but can also take the reins and make the change happen; while aligning our incentives to the client's success.

Our team at impactiive® has significant emerging market experience with renown names in the banking and microfinance industry, the majority have held C-suite and Board positions. We have worked in more than 40 countries across 4 continents, and are fluent or conversational in more than 10 different languages.

Each team member leverages a large network of expertise and geographical coverage with areas of specialty that include: business transformation, change management, automation and digitalization, governance and reporting, organizational design, new product development and rollouts, DFS strategies/ systems/ solutions, rightsizing, process optimization, M&A, exit preparation (IPO or sale), finance, PMO, internal audit, internal control, enterprise risk management, HR, strategy, planning and implementation.


The Microfinance Centre is a social finance network that promotes fairness, inclusion, equality and responsible service to 113 organisations (including 77 MFIs) across 36 countries of Europe, Central Asia and beyond.

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