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Meet the impactiive® Team: Idlir Bekteshi


For more than 2 years, Idlir was the Deputy Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and, at the same time, acting CFO at FED invest, a Savings and Credit Association based in Tirana, Albania.  In such capacity, besides performing typical tasks for the position, like supervising the preparation of financial statements and control over the financial reporting, Idlir also developed a new reporting package for ALCO, in line with recent industry standards, thus contributing to better decision making in FED invest. Additionally, Idlir developed a new reporting and analysis package for Management, which contained meaningful financial and operational information and analysis of relevant risk and performance indicators.

One of the most notable accomplishments during Idlir’s tenure at FED invest was designing a structure for the financial accounts and establishing the schema and logic on movements of these accounts in the process of core system migration. He successfully managed the migration process of GL accounts, including testing of accounts movement mechanism and generation of financial statements.

Prior to FED invest, Idlir held various positions in Finance and Risk Management structures in well-known banks in Albania, such as Raiffeisen and Societe Generale.

During his long experience (20+ years) in financial services, Idlir was responsible, among other things, for ensuring compliance with IFRS standards, producing operational and financial reports, developing scorecard for automatic decision-making in lending process and developing various tools for facilitating the credit disbursement and monitoring process.

By being well-versed in VBA, MS Excel, MS Access, and by having meaningful experience and knowledge in finance and risk management areas, he has been able to provide valuable support to his team in many challenging situations.

His native language is Albanian, while being fluent in English, French and Italian.

Idlir holds an MBA From Nebraska University (USA) and Tirana University (Albania), he is certified as a Chartered Accountant by Albanian Ministry of Finance and has also gained a Certificate in IFRS by ACCA.


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